KDSX 1670  AM

Rocking Fannin County since 2015

KDSX 1670 - Bonham's Rock Station

1670 AM Signal Upgrades

KDSX has officially moved into our new studios and transmission facility. Reception reports are encouraged, at this time KDSX has been heard as far as Trenton, Dodd City, Bonham State Park, and Lake Bonham! Drop us a line and let us know where you're listening! Tell Your Friends Bonham has an all new and improved radio station at 1670 AM!

KDSX - Now Broadcasting in AM Stereo on 1610 AM

For listeners with compatible radios you can now listen to KDSX in stereo on 1610 AM. For listeners without AM stereo equipped radios you are encouraged to continue listening to KDSX on 1670 AM.